In Westminster all things are not equal: fewer than 3 out of 10 MPs & Peers are women

Ask all Party Leaders for solutions to get better gender balance in Parliament

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Our vision is a parliament where men & women legislate the laws of our land, together, in roughly equal numbers. Of the 650 seats in the House of Commons men hold 458 (70%) and women only 192 (30%). There have only ever been 450 women MPs.

So there are still more men in the Commons right now than there have ever been women MPs.

50:50 Parliament
Pankhurst Picnic

July 15th 6.30pm

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50:50 Parliament are having a fun picnic in Parliament Sq. to celebrate Emmeline Pankhurst’s birthday.
This wonderful woman, founder of the Suffragette movement, was born 15 July 1858.
Come along with friends and family to mark the occasion and meet up with other campaigners for gender equality.
All welcome.

  • The 50:50 Campaign at the House of Commons

    The 50:50 Campaign at the House of Commons

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