50:50 Parliament at the Women’s March London

50:50 Parliament will be marching at the Women’s March London for a more inclusive, representative and gender balanced Parliament. Because it would be better for everyone! Join us on 21st January – sign up free of charge here Men outnumber women by 2:1 in the Commons and 3:1 in Lords. The statistics suggest that the system still isn’t working for women. …

50:50 Written Submission to the Women & Equalities Select Committee

  The 50:50 Parliament Campaign submitted written evidence to the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s inquiry into Women in the House of Commons The Women and Equalities Committee is holding an inquiry into Women in the House of Commons after the 2020 Election. Of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, men hold 458 (70%) and women only 192 …

Just Released: The Good Parliament Report

A fantastic blueprint for “a more representative and inclusive House of Commons”. This is what needs to be done. Now let’s get on and do it! Click here to download the full report

50:50 Parliament Following in the Footsteps of Fawcett

On 7 June 1866 Millicent Fawcett presented the first Suffrage petition to Parliament. One hundred and fifty years later there are still 140% more men than women in the House of Commons. This is a historic injustice and a democratic deficit. Why, in 2016, is the “Mother of Parliaments” still so full of men?

Vagina Added Tax Is Because ‘Men Were Making the Laws’, Says Obama [Huff Post]

Massive congratulations to the fantastic #EndTamponTax campaigners! Headed up by Laura Coryton this campaign and petition has successfully pressurized Parliament to scrap the archaic laws taxing tampons as ‘luxury items’. They also forced MPs to use the word “tampon” and “period” in Parliament, which some found quite awkward. The story behind the removal of this unfair tax shows why we …

Family Friendly Parliament [Huff Post]

Did you catch the incredible House of Commons debate on Tuesday, on “Family friendliness of the Houses of Parliament”? It was brought by Jess Phillips MP and produced some interesting reactions and great sound bites on twitter.

50:50 Cabinets Are Trending But We Need Women on the Back Benches Too [Huff Post]

Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn being elected as the new Labour Leader and Tom Watson as Deputy Leader. Still, it is disappointing that not one woman was selected for a Labour Leadership role, even though they accounted for five of the nine candidates standing for the top posts. Perhaps if the leadership and deputy leadership campaigns had been run at slightly …

What did the Magna Carta do for women? [Huff Post]

On 15th June, 800 years ago the unpopular King John met with his unruly Barons at Runnymede to sign Magna Carta. This ancient document is regarded as the foundation of democracy, a cornerstone of the British constitution, outlining the rights of “free men” to justice and freedom. It “retains enormous symbolic power… as a guarantor of individual liberties” says Claire …

Were Women Winners in the 2015 Election? [Huff Post]

The 2015 General Election demonstrated that, given the opportunity, women win seats. Of the 111 seats that changed hands, women won 41% of them: 19 (38%) of the 50 new seats won by SNP were won by women 14 (63%) of the 22 new seats won by Labour were won by women 13 (37%) of the 35 new seats won …

Mind the Gender Gap at Westminster [Huff Post]

Today is Election Day and your vote counts! We at the 50:50 Parliament Campaign want everyone to be out there using their little stubby pencil to put a cross against their chosen candidate. This is a “right” that the historic Suffragettes and Suffragists struggled hard for, making many personal sacrifices along the way. So who should you to vote for?

50:50 Parliament – A Call to Action on International Women’s Day [Huff Post]

On International Women’s Day 50:50 Parliament marched through London with Helen Pankhurst, Gemma Arterton, Annie Lennox and Paloma Faith to demand equality for women. We joined forces, to show solidarity with Care International and demonstrate about the under-representation of women in the UK Parliament. Nearly 100 years after women got the right to vote, politics still looks like the preserve …

Women Candidates [Parliamentary Candidates UK]

In May 2010 143 women were elected to sit in the House of Commons, making up 22% of the total. There was considerable variation in the representation of women among the political parties.